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Turkey Rhubarb Formula - 120 Capsules

Turkey Rhubarb Formula - 120 Capsules

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Turkey Rhubarb Formula may be used to cleanse and strengthen the digestive tract. This beneficial formula may help to disinfect and soothe the mucous membrane lining of the entire digestive system. Included in Turkey Rhubarb Formula are Aloe vera, Barberry, Cascara sagrada, and Senna leaf which are well known for their ability to support healthy bowel function. Also included are Psyllium seed, which serves as a bulking agent. Because psyllium seed bulks up the stool matter and adds liquid to the stool, it makes it easier to eliminate fecal material. Slippery Elm is added to Turkey Rhubarb Formula for its soothing properties. Turkey Rhubarb Formula is slightly more gentle than Western Botanicals' Herbal Colon Formula.

Also try Herbal Colon Formula. In addition to using herbal formulas, you can also be proactive about keeping your digestive system healthy by drinking plenty of water and avoiding eating junk foods such as sweets, fried and greasy foods, and excessive amounts of meat.


Begin with 1 capsule during or following the evening meal. The following morning there should be an increase in bowel function. If no noticeable change occurs, increase dosage by one capsule each day only until improved bowel function is achieved. Discontinue use if abdominal cramps or diarrhea are present. Not recommended if pregnant, or nursing.

Suggested Guidelines: Discontinue use if you experience diarrhea, bowel cramps or nausea.

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